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Top 4 facts about our Tokyo Team

The Team at Morgan McKinley | Part 3 of 6

Our people, wherever they may sit across our global offices, share our core values and demonstrate them throughout their daily activities. We have fun, engaging, professional and diverse teams. We can recruit, and we can do much more as well. It’s amazing how much time it takes to hire the right people here. We do not just want people who can do recruitment, we want people who share our values and engage in our culture. After we find these people, we train them to be experts.

Here's 4 fun facts about our Tokyo team you might not know:

  1. We’re diverse. About 65% of people were born outside of Japan. We have the widest variety of nationalities I’ve heard of in recruitment, including people from Zimbabwe, England, Ireland, Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, America, Sweden, Holland, Finland, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Taiwan, and Bangladesh. 35% of the office is Japanese and extremely fluent in English.
  2. We’re older. The average age in the office is around 32 years old. Life experience is important to us. (Bonus fun fact: Everyone signs your birthday card!)
  3. We live actively. Many of us go to the gym or participate in sports quite regularly. We have a few annual activities, including futsal competition, and enjoy regular fun runs for charity, surfing, snowboarding, skiing and yoga. More than 25% of us have children. 
  4. We work together. I pass on information, and receive information regularly amongst the team. We share candidates and clients to ensure our service standards are as high as possible. It’s a team effort, and we appreciate new ideas and alternative thinking. 

I hope this has been informational for you. If you’re considering recruitment, or want to know more about how we recruit here at Morgan McKinley, please contact us. We are aiming to be the best technology consulting practice in Tokyo. You can see our current opportunities here.

Timothy Trahan | IT Recruitment Team Leader, Tokyo

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  • Dec 19, 2017
  • Japan
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