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Are you considering a career in recruitment but are worried about your work/life balance?

Are you looking for a company that supports your career growth as much as your mental and physical health? Then Morgan McKinley might be the company that you are looking for!

Working in recruitment, like in any other sales focused job, might end up taking over your personal time if you allow it and this is due to several reasons including the following.

Professionals in Japan tend to work until late and more and more companies are going back to full work from the office after the pandemic so candidates and clients might want to meet or speak with you after hours, leading to meetings that start from 7 or 8PM. Also some of your contacts might only be available in the morning at 8AM or during the weekend.

Being a performance based job you feel like the more you do, the more you earn, and talking to a few extra people per day can lead to a highly successful quarter.

The things to do are many (sourcing candidates, doing business development, setting up interviews) and 8 hours a day might feel like they are not enough to do everything.

Here at Morgan McKinley we think that you need to maintain a balanced lifestyle in order to be successful at work and for this reason we have several workplace policies in our Tokyo office which address this, such as:

  • Flexible office hours that enable you to leave early or take a long lunch to achieve things like fitness goals or education goals or time during the day to do errands. Some of us play sports, some take language lessons and some others simply enjoy a longer lunch break.
  • We have a work-from-home policy and provide tools for working outside such as access to your desk line and emails from anywhere and from any device.
  • Morgan McKinley Japan provides double the paid vacation days of typical companies in Japan - 20 days per year plus one more day a year for top billers and a special day off for your birthday for everyone. For example I celebrated my birthday in Shikoku (one of Japan’s beautiful islands) and I am going back home to Italy for Christmas this year.

There is a great level of trust in the office and we invite our employees to use the flexible working practices as they see best fit to ultimately increase productivity.

If you would like to hear more about working at Morgan McKinley feel free to reach out to me anytime!

  • Dec 12, 2022
  • Careers , Japan
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Natassja Barzetti

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