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What does Diversity and Inclusion look like at Morgan McKinley

Diversity and inclusion are crucial components of any successful organisation and it is essential to recognize and celebrate the differences that people bring to any environment.

At Morgan McKinley, we recognize the value that people from all walks of life bring to our company and we believe that different kinds of people from different backgrounds, all working together, inspire creativity and innovation. We understand that any form of difference should never be an obstacle for career progression or getting a job in the first place. We believe that a work environment should honour individuality and equality, empowering people to be themselves and to do their best work.

Our Diversity Promise is a commitment to ensuring that everyone who interacts with our organisation is valued and respected. This includes our clients, candidates, and employees.

Our goal is to create a workplace and relationships that are welcoming to all. We look beyond age, ethnicity, gender, religion, politics, and sexual orientation. By fostering an inclusive culture that supports a diverse spectrum of talented professionals, we ensure that we successfully add value to the relationships we build with our candidates and clients globally.

To achieve this goal, we have established a Code of Conduct that outlines our commitment to providing equal opportunities at all stages of employment and to avoiding unlawful discrimination in employment and in the conduct of our business. We aim to create a working environment that is free of discrimination, harassment, and bullying. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect, an important aspect of ensuring equal opportunities in employment.

We have also established a Three Year Plan that outlines our commitment to further engage with organisations such as Stonewall, Race for Opportunity, and ENEI. We will continue working toward Clear Assured status and develop our ‘Women in Leadership’ program and seminar series. Ongoing awareness training for all staff will also be provided, including training on unconscious bias and competency-based interview techniques. We will also publish diversity tracking reports to measure our progress.

At Morgan McKinley, we are committed to equal opportunity and affirmative action in employment. Our actions and behaviours help to create a work environment in which fairness, equity, and respect for social and cultural diversity can be fostered. As we celebrate International Pride Month, we reaffirm our commitment to diversity and inclusion and look forward to continuing to create an inclusive workplace for all. Let us continue to embrace and celebrate our differences, recognizing that it is our diversity that makes us stronger together.

  • Jun 05, 2023
  • Culture , Japan
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Natassja Barzetti

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