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My Internship at Morgan McKinley

My name is Shruti, currently a fourth-year student from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. I had the privilege to work as an intern at Morgan McKinley Japan during my spring vacation and here are my thoughts about my experience with the Morgan McKinley team.

I always found the concept of recruitment here in Japan very interesting, and therefore decided to look closely at the industry and what the challenges were in this fascinating market. Through my research I found out that Morgan McKinley was a top global recruitment agency, leader in the Japanese market , and therefore I took the initiative to reach out to the Talent Acquisition team to check if there was an available internship. 

I was fortunate to get a two months internship as an Associate Intern, where I worked with multiple teams, across Technology, Finance, Sales & Marketing, and HR. 

My initial goals were to expand my knowledge on the various industries I would recruit in, and get a better idea of the hiring trends in Japan.

In the first week of my internship, I worked with the Talent Acquisition team where I attended candidate interviews and helped manage and update the database. I also took part in employer branding activities, writing blogs and designing posters. 

Later on, I joined the Technology team working on a market research assignment. My main task was to profile numerous Technology related global companies, ranging from small start-up- to five hundred fortunes, looking to expand their business in Japan. My work ended being a great tool for the consultants to use for their business development activities.

Then I joined the Financial Services team, where I helped create job descriptions for the open roles the consultants were recruiting for and learned to make sales calls and pitch job opportunities. 

I spent my last 2 weeks with the Sales and Marketing team where I continued working on pitching jobs, as well as engaged in business development activities for the consumer goods industry. 

During this internship, I faced many challenges.The biggest one was to work in industries in which I did not have solid knowledge.

For instance, when joining the Financial Services team, I rapidly was overwhelmed with the amount of information, company names, job titles, job content, given to me, while I also had to make sure I could deliver results on time. I realised that being a recruitment consultant is not an easy task, and to be successful, it requires deep industry knowledge and multitasking.

My second challenge was when I had to pitch job opportunities. In many cases, I was speaking to great talent in the market that were not necessarily looking for a change. I realised that rejection was part of the day to day job, but I learned to overcome it by being persistent, patient and engaged. I also realised that the key to success was through building long-lasting business relationships.

This enriching two months helped me improve myself in many ways. 

I got to learn more about time management, dealing with deadlines. I improved my confidence and communication skills through the multiple business calls I made. My communication skills became sharper. Finally, through the various tasks I undertook, I perfected my general knowledge of the various industries in Japan.

Morgan McKinley's culture is  mature and very professional while striking as being  very social and fun. 

I felt very comfortable working with each and everyone and could notice that there is a fantastic synergy between the teams. Even if I joined as an Intern, I was fully integrated as if I was a full time worker. 

I can say with confidence that Morgan McKinley people are the ones who made this experience worth it, and I now understand what Go beyond means to the Morgan Mckinley Family.

  • Apr 23, 2020
  • Japan
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