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My intern experience at Morgan McKinley Tokyo

This summer, I was fortunate enough to experience an internship at Morgan McKinley Tokyo.

It was both exciting and unique because I was able to gain exposure in both marketing and recruitment within the six weeks. The wealth of new knowledge provided was beyond my expectations and equipped me with valuable insight into the recruitment industry. 

internship tokyo recruitment morgan mckinleyIn the first half of the internship, I assisted with the marketing. At the Tokyo office, Yumi Kanazawa is the Marketing Executive and we worked closely. I assisted in writing and posting blogs on our local website, managing various social media accounts, creating emails to send to both candidates and clients and organizing upcoming events.

With only a limited knowledge of marketing prior to the internship, Yumi taught me so much every day. I learned the importance of understanding the target audience and how to effectively reach out using different marketing methods. I posted several blogs on our local website and I was surprised by the amount of detail and work put into posting one. Also, I was amazed by how Yumi manages all the marketing tasks for all six teams at the Tokyo office by communicating effectively both locally and globally. I feel lucky to have worked closely with her! 

The second half of my internship was recruitment focused and I assisted different teams including IT, HR, Finance & Accounting, Banking and Financial Services, and Asset Management. It is only as an intern that you get to experience being part of all of the teams and gain insight into the different industries.

Not only was I able to learn the basics of recruitment, but I also learned numerous jobs and positions in the market that I never was aware of before. The corporate experience has definitely allowed me to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses through the daily tasks. Some of my tasks included updating the database, creating spreadsheets, sending out e-mails, headhunting and attending candidate interviews. The consultants I assisted were all very professional, friendly and dedicated. They were extremely supportive and I’ve learned to manage my time, be proactive, and be communicative but I also realized there is still a lot I need to learn and improve on. 

My time here has been invaluable and I am sad that my internship is coming to an end. Gaining exposure to both marketing and all the consulting teams was an amazing experience that I will value forever.

Thank you everyone at Morgan McKinley Tokyo for welcoming me and providing such a valuable internship experience!

Tomomi Tokumasu │ Intern, Tokyo 

  • Aug 10, 2017
  • Japan
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