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Movement - Your Way to a Happier, Healthier and More Productive Work Life

Focusing on movement this week, health coach Matt Ireland continues the series of bite size videos on the foundations to living a happier, healthier and more productive work life.

How much do you move each day? Health coach Matt Ireland continues the series of bite size videos on the foundations to living a happier, healthier and more productive work life.

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Exercise. Love it, hate it or just don’t do it.

In my opinion most people are put away from exercise because of the no-pain-no-gain mentality. And to be honest people really don’t like the idea of pushing themselves hard in their free time. Now I don’t refer to exercise as exercise. I call it 'movement' and that’s because there is a lot more to movement that I am about to explain to you.

When we move, our muscles act as pumps, pumping blood, water, oxygen and nutrition around the body. The body needs an adequate amount of movement to keep healthy, to deliver oxygen and nutrition and to remove toxins from the body. When we don’t move enough we become sluggish, dull and lethargic and we also lack energy. This is primarily because the main ways the body gets energy is from nutrition and oxygen. If your body is not as productive at pumping those around, your muscles or organs are not benefiting. 

Also, when we don’t move enough, the tendency is to store toxins which makes us feel not very good. Also you have the negative effects of bad heart health and weight gain when we don’t move the body enough.

The best form of exercise, quite simply is the one you enjoy doing. The reason behind this is because there is more chance that you will stick to your exercise regime if you are having fun with it.  In my opinion the main reason why gym memberships are often a waste of time, and don’t get used, is because not many people like the idea of going to the gym. So, once your enthusiasm for getting fitter, losing some weight, whatever it is, once that’s gone it only takes a little minor excuse, then all of a sudden you don’t go to the gym. Before you know it, you haven’t been for weeks, then months then you get to end of the membership and think "you know what? What a waste of money. I haven’t used it."

So if you are listening to this and think I would like to get into moving my body more, and enjoy the benefits a great place to start is walking. Walking is great because it can be done outside so you are breathing fresh air. Obviously you are out in nature so its very relaxing. Walking can be done on your own, with a friend, with a dog, with a loved one so you’re always in good company.

Once walking has become a regular fixture of your week and you are ready for more. The next step I would advise is join a sports club. That way you can exercise, have fun and be social all at the same time. This is key because, if you have social pool, you are more likely (sometimes you might not feel like exercise) but you are more likely to go because your friends are there and that will give you the motivation to get up and out and doing the movement.

Remember, the best form of exercise is the one that you enjoy doing. You don’t have to get hot and sweaty. All you have to do is move your body and benefit from, increased energy, getting fitter and having a happy outlook.


  • Nov 10, 2016
  • Careers , Culture
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