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Work life balance at Morgan McKinley

Life balance - Working at Morgan McKinley | Part 6 of 6

For people who are considering recruiting, especially in Japan, you should know that recruiting can take over your life if you allow it:

  • The job is relatively easy, talking with people doesn’t feel like work. 
  • People will want to meet with you after hours, leading to meetings that start from 7 or 8PM. Some people say they’re only available in the morning at 8AM.
  • You feel as though the more you do, the more you earn, and talking to a few extra people per day can bring you a highly successful quarter.

However, here at Morgan McKinley we think that you need to maintain a balanced lifestyle, or you risk burnout at your own hands. We have workplace policies in our Tokyo office which address this, such as:

  • We provide flexible office hours that enable you to leave early or take a long lunch to achieve things like fitness goals or time during the day to do errands. Some of us play futsal, some go swimming. I’m booked for squash for next Monday at 5PM, and I don’t need  permission.
  • We have a work-from-home policy and provide tools for working outside such as access to your desk line from anywhere. 
  • Morgan McKinley provides double the paid vacation days of typical companies in Japan -- a very generous 20 days per year, and you’re expected to use them.

We empower our employees to use the flexible working practices as they see best fit, and we actively ask for suggestions about how we can improve our working policies to fit our teams and ultimately increase productivity. 

I hope this has been useful to you in your job search. I’m recruiting for my team in Tokyo, so please feel free to reach out to me directly or apply to one of our internal opportunities and we can have a discussion.

Timothy Trahan| IT Recruitment Manager, Tokyo

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  • Mar 23, 2018
  • Culture , Japan
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