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Why work in recruitment?

Recruitment tends to differ as an industry when it comes to career options.

There are many ways into a career in recruitment, but you don't tend to see Recruiters attend career days at schools or speaking up for the world of recruitment and all it's opportunities!

Senior Consultant from our Key Accounts Recruitment Team, Paula Thompson, shares her story of how she got into the recruitment industry. Having recruited professionals into a wide variety of roles for many years, Paula has plenty of experience and knows everything there is about recruitment...


I am frequently asked the question "How did you get into recruitment?". After 10 years I am still not entirely sure why! There are a few challenges to the job (sometimes clients or candidates, sometimes the sales nature), but once you make that well deserved first placement, it can be very rewarding, and here is why:

  1. The money!  Do not listen to any Recruitment Consultant that tells you otherwise.  The commission is the main reason for me and being rewarded for all the hard work put in definitely makes it all worth while.
  2. The opportunity to meet a variety of different people and build strong relationships with clients, candidates and of course your peers/colleagues.  Recruitment is an incredibly sociable job and over the years I have met some fantastic colleagues who are now close friends, so for me personally that is an amazing benefit!
  3. The satisfaction you get from helping candidates find their dream jobs and if not their dream job, the next step in their career journey. 
  4. The fact that no one day is the same – recruitment is definitely not a “sit at your desk, all day office job” – instead you have the opportunity to get out and meet clients, interview candidates, plan events, work jobs, make placements… the list goes on and on, so it is very difficult to get bored in this job.
  5. Finally being able to manage your own success. Ultimately in recruitment, it is your responsibility to take ownership of your desk, clients, candidates etc. You are only as good as the effort you put in.


The bottom line is that after 10 years, I am still here and I do not see myself going anywhere anytime soon. Recruitment is a strong career option nowadays with great opportunities and rewards. So if you ask me now if I recommend getting into recruitment, then I will answer, "Of course!"

  • Sep 06, 2018
  • Australia , UK
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