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Why This Recruiter Chose Morgan McKinley HK

Are you considering a career move in Hong Kong? Our fantastic training and collaborative team are just a couple of the reasons why Monica Wong joined 18 months ago. I took some time to find out more about her journey within Team Hong Kong, and her recent promotion to Team Lead...

Why did you choose to join Morgan McKinley?

The people. There is a real sense of family in terms of the culture. I find people to be positive, easy to get along with and there is a strong sense of coherence and collaboration. MMK offers a strong platform with great support and it has a very reputable brand. All of this makes it easier for me to do business. Where other recruitment firms may focus solely on financials, MMK embraces a welcoming culture where people are encouraged to achieve their own personal goals.

How do you find MMK’s working environment?

It is relaxed and harmonious. People are focused and hard-working. It is a fair environment with clear expectations and standards. Competition internally is positive which results in higher productivity. 

What do you think about MMK’s vision and culture?

Morgan McKinley has a high performing culture. We want to be one of the first three agencies our clients think of when they need recruitment services. We would like to establish a brand that people trust and prefer to work with. We treat our candidates and clients the way we want to be treated.

What do you think is most exciting or inspiring?

Hard work is definitely rewarded through the compensation scheme. In MMK we encourage organic growth. The team will always have the opportunity to progress further. People care about both team spirit and individual success here, meaning we support each other for upward mobility when people deserve it. I think we gain a lot of recognition from MMK which really motivates people.

How do you see your career in MMK?

New team members will have a career plan designed and specifically tailored by their manager. For junior members, this will involve a 13-week plan to familiarize themselves with the business operation and recruitment skills, as well as gaining market knowledge. It helps them develop the foundations necessary to be an exceptional all-round recruiter. For experienced hires, they will have a clear career plan for advancement based on their individual aspirations. Take me for example, I have been promoted to Team Lead after just one and a half years, so the opportunities are here. The management has a transparent timeline with the consultants regarding their career development starting from day one. I can see my path here and I know what I need to do in order to achieve it.

Congratulations on your promotion! What's your next steps?

The next promotion I am working towards is to become a manager. I am hoping to develop a professional and productive team which can make contribution to both our candidates and clients by delivering exceptional service.

How do you see the recruitment industry in HK?

The industry is getting more and more competitive. Competition is increasing in the form of experienced on-site recruiters and new technologies. Access to information is much easier nowadays and candidates are exposed to more opportunities. There is however always a need for quality recruitment services.The key to success in this industry is to be the best in the market – delivering the best talent quickly and therefore building a good reputation. Skills, experience, and hard work, if not the exclusive relationships with clients, will be the important ingredients to becoming a good consultant.

What advice would you give to people who are interested in joining MMK?

MMK offers a great balance: continuous training, a nice working environment and a positive culture. With structured training modules, one-on-one shadowing, and a number of experienced recruiters in the team, new joiners will find it very comfortable when becoming part of the team.

I believe in the saying “people work for people”. MMK consultants are from different backgrounds with different stories, having valuable knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas. Managers have good leadership experience and always go above and beyond their responsibilities. All of this adds up to making MMK HK a fabulous place to work.


Thank you to Monica Wong for taking the time to share your experience. If you would like more information about joining our Hong Kong team, then please get in touch. You can find out current opportunities here.

  • Jul 30, 2018
  • Culture , Hong Kong
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