Why join a company that cares about its community

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How do you choose a great company to work for? Is it all about the salary? Or are there any other important factors that you consider?

Hong Kong #MMKMillion Bread Run

Choosing a company to work for can be as important as choosing a role. Not only it influences your career path, but it also plays a crucial role in your happiness at work. 

Whether or not the office environment is pleasant, the company values are important to you or whether the company has a great reputation, all aspects can affect positively or negatively your work experience. 

So how do you choose a great company to work for? Is it all about the salary? Or are there any other important factors that you consider?

People may consider different criteria that are more or less important to them to a certain degree. Criteria may include: fast career progression offered, great compensation, excellent training, pleasant work environment, nice colleagues, good work-life balance, the company’s values align with yours and more. Employees value different things. 

At Morgan McKinley, we care about our employees’ careers and we always try to empower them to reach their full potential. Not only we take our employees’ careers seriously, but we also have other positives to make them happy. 

For example, we would like our people to feel that there is a real meaning to their presence. They are not only with us to help the business perform, but also as our employees, they have a role to play in the society. 

For example, at Morgan McKinley we have regular charity activities of various types, organized by our “Morgan McKinley Million” Committee. Our people believe that giving back to society and taking part in charity work gives them a great sense of satisfaction, and hence they feel more connected to the community, and to each other.

We encourage our people to get involved in a cause they care about. Morgan McKinley supports this by offering all employees a paid volunteering day where they can participate in any charity work of their choice. Some of our employees have been visiting dogs in shelters, planting trees, cleaning the beach, delivering food to the elderly, collecting donations in the streets, teaching professionals with disabilities and more. 

We regularly organise sessions of blood donation, food, clothes and home appliances donations. 

For more information, see some of the previous activities we participated in as a global group: https://www.careers.morganmckinley.com/  

As a global group, we have set a target to collect 1 million euro within 2 years across all offices and we are now very close to achieving this global target with the Hong Kong office having contributed a great part. Hong Kong #MMKMillion Hot Meal Volunteering

With an increasing participation rate from our people, we find that more and more smiles and laughters are around the corner in the office. It does make a real difference to our employees’ enjoyment at work. 
Working in our company with this kind of culture, our people find it really rewarding to not only receive professional training in recruitment, but to also have the opportunity to experience the life-changing philanthropic exposure. In turn, we find that our people go beyond to extend the kindness to their family, colleagues, and friends. 

Are you looking for a great company to work for, a rewarding and meaningful job? If so, please contact me, Kevin Yeung, for more information and feel free to view our job opportunities here.