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Why I chose to work in recruitment...? I don’t know, but here I am!

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1. Joining MMK

I joined Morgan McKinley November last year after finishing my studies in early June and returning from traveling Europe. My background was originally fashion design before transferring across to commerce in Business Information Systems and Marketing. The key thing drawing me to recruitment was the ability to run your own desk and have a varied work day. I also love working with and motivating people to find their next best step. 

During the interview process I interviewed at multiple agencies and right from the very beginning I was impressed at the professionalism and warmth I received at every touch point. It really was a differentiator from the other agencies I interviewed with and led to me choosing Morgan McKinley. 

2. Getting on board

The onboarding experience overall was extremely welcoming and thorough. Having come from studying into my first full time job I was a bit overwhelmed in my first week but I found everyone to be very friendly. The training process allowed a very detailed introduction and within 3 months I was honestly surprised with how much I had picked up. 

3. My support network

Right from the beginning I felt very supported by everyone - there was a never a silly question and everyone always had time of day to give. Both my manager, Ripesh, and Senior Consultants within the technology team, Jack and Leon, were very good at listening to conversations and giving feedback in an encouraging way that helped me to build upon my skills. I was also assigned a buddy, Principal Consultant Eloise Seidelin who has been with the business just under 3 years.

4. The Buddy Program

The buddy process really helped the initial onboarding to provide that extra layer of support, especially as this was my first role outside of university. Eloise and I met for coffee on a weekly basis at first and then moved across to monthly once I was feeling more settled in. If there was a time where I felt like I needed extra support Eloise was always available for a walk or a coffee. 

5. Promoted in 3 months!

Honestly, the process of moving from Associate Consultant to Consultant was a bit of a whirlwind, it was very fast paced from the get go. I saw what people throughout the business were achieving and I immediately knew I wanted to get to their level as quickly as possible. Working through the steps and being extremely diligent were probably the key things that allowed the transition. Of course, I couldn’t have gone through the process as quickly as I did without the support of my team especially Ripesh, Jack and Leon whose guidance helped to shape my mindset in all things relating to recruitment. Eloise was also the biggest source of my inspiration...having started her recruitment career only 2.5 years before and being the highest biller in Australia for 2018, I still aspire to reach her level so want to learn as much as I can from her! 

Read more about MMK’s buddy program below!

MMK’s Buddy Network:

The Buddy Network is a group of consultants who are there to help you settle into life at Morgan McKinley. You will be matched with a Buddy from day 1, with someone who has relevant business experience and some shared interests. 

Your buddy will:

  • Show you around and introduce you to others 
  • Make you feel welcome and part of the company 
  • Answer general questions about our systems and processes 
  • Share their own personal and proven secrets to success
  • Hot desk near you to give you hands on guidance at your desk
  • Be your ‘go-to person’ and provide another, informal, support channel. 

While your buddy is there to catch up with you on an ongoing basis, as regularly as you like, you will also have access to the wider Buddy Network who are subject matter experts across the business. This will include monthly group sessions to brainstorm solutions to any questions you might have, as well as a group email address you can email at any time with questions - the Buddy Network will respond as quickly as possible, based on whose expertise is best matched. 

If you’d like to find out more about coming on board with #TeamMMK and getting the chance to buddy up with one of our awesome consultants, reach out to Steph Newth now on or +61 2 8986 3102.

  • Jul 18, 2019
  • Careers , Culture , Australia
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