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When will you be joining us?

Our aim for this careers site, is to show you what it's really like to work at Morgan McKinley, not just to tell you about what it's like to be a recruitment consultant.

Well, today we've put both aspects into one blog, a job blog if you will. Caoillin Taylor, who works in our Dublin office on the HR Recruitment desk is looking for a recruitment consultant to come and join the team. 

There is nothing more important to a company’s success than hiring great people. With or without a HR department, a recruitment team or a fantastic recruitment agency, to help find the right talent when you need it can be the lynchpin of a company’s success. It can also be the trickiest thing to manage within a business.

Recruiting, either in house or through an agency is a well regarded and essential part to many companies hiring strategy. Every company has recruitment needs. It is a very rewarding career path, constantly meeting people and striving to find the best person and talent for a specific role.

It is no surprise that the role of recruiters has changed, especially with the recent economic changes. The welcome addition of many multinationals headquarters to Ireland has created many recruiter roles and has emphasized even more so the importance of the role. The role of the recruiter has been elevated to talent management or 'talent acquisition' which I feel explains the role perfectly.

As we see our economy begin to gradually recover growth, Morgan McKinley in certain areas, has started to see the trend of a candidate driven market. For example, there is considerable demand for recruiters who understand Engineering, Suppy Chain, Science and IT. Proven experience in a fast paced, technology driven multinational company is much sought after. Demand is strong both in Dublin and Cork and recruiters can no longer be passive. They must be creative and proactive in sourcing candidates that are in demand. As hiring begins to increase in the post-recession, the skills and experience of a talent manager are critical. So the question is, how can recruiters stay on top of their game?

Recruiters must continue to develop processes to find the 'best of the best'. One of the fundamental keys is to identify the ever-changing group of individuals and to use both global and local social media tools effectively. As we all know, these tools are constantly developing and changing with the times! These social media and technical tools are essential to identify, track, and be ready to reach out and entice individuals to join a specific company.

A great recruiter needs to be strategic, have a keen business orientation and more importantly, have the ability to really 'sell' prospective employees to the company. Recruiters must understand the corporate culture, the business goals and talent needs of the company in order for it to attract the right individual.


We are currently seeking recruiters for various roles at different levels. If you are a recruiter and would like to look at your options or are considering a change, do not hesitate to call me Caoilinn Taylor on 01 4321555.

So, when will you be joining us?

  • Feb 07, 2014
  • Careers , Culture
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