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What’s it like to work at Morgan McKinley in Tokyo?

I’ve recently joined the Morgan McKinley team in Tokyo to look after Talent Acquisition and have found the most common question to be “What is it like to work at Morgan McKinley?” So here are my thoughts after my first 12 weeks... 

One of my first observations is that Morgan McKinley really does put its people first. They understand that by looking after their team, their people will go on to look after their customers. 

It starts from the interview process, where Morgan McKinley invests the time to understand your career goals and interests. They think about the ways they can help you advance your career, providing a clear path, the right resources and ongoing support to achieve your goals. 

From day one I realised that Morgan McKinley did not view me and my colleagues as employees with targets to achieve, but as professionals who work hard to create a positive environment that will help each of us and the business to grow. People here are genuinely passionate about recruitment, they are committed to helping people, and have integrity.

Unlike many businesses I have worked for, Morgan McKinley genuinely appreciates that whilst everyone is connected by a common set of values they are also unique and motivated by different things. Whether your motivation is to become a manager, become the most reputed headhunter on the market, or to simply drive strong commercial returns, the leadership team will work with you to help you achieve your goals. 12 weeks in and I am already talking about how my role could evolve.

I have been set up for success with a great onboarding process which connected me with people right across the global business. I was given the tools, guidance and support I needed to ensure I was able to hit the ground running and feel at home.

I love the open plan office which encourages teamwork and collaboration and the fact that we are socially very active throughout the year, holding events with clients, and our peers to create strong social bonds, and to give back to the community through our Morgan McKinley Million CSR program.  

The flexibility around hours is also great as it allows you to have balance and pursue things that are important to you. Some of my peers have enrolled in Japanese classes, many others use their time to head to the gym.  I can also see that I have joined the business at an exciting time. There is a clear growth agenda and people are energised by the strong focus on innovation, the customer and by the new opportunities this is presenting. 

So, 12 weeks in I can definitely say that Morgan McKinley has lived up to my expectations. It is a business that puts its people first, has a clear strategy for success and focuses on bringing people from a diverse range backgrounds together, to accomplish common goals whilst also helping them grow individually.

I have had a great start in my role as the Talent Acquisition Executive and I hope to contribute to the company’s ongoing success by introducing many more talented recruiters to the business who share our same values and want to go above and beyond. If you would like to find out more, please email your interest to:

  • Sep 03, 2018
  • Culture , Japan
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