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What it takes to succeed in Recruitment

Last week was a very exciting week for Morgan McKinley.

We came 5th in Great Places to Work, won the award for Best Learning & Development Organisation and also held our very successful company day for 2016. We were even treated to delicious red velvet Morgan McKinley cupcakes with our morning coffee!

During our company day our Chief Operations Officer Karen O’Flaherty highlighted that the key behind our success to date is our people. Without the people of Morgan McKinley we would not be one of the top 5 Great Places to Work in Ireland, we would not have such an extensive award winning training programme and we certainly would not have all the delighted smiles around the office when enjoying our cupcakes. 

Karen also highlighted the changes of recruitment and what it takes in order to succeed as a recruiter – a modern recruiter.

When I speak with potential employees the majority would say that their main motivator to move into recruitment is because of the people element – working with and through people. People are absolutely one of the main elements of recruitment, but in order to succeed in recruitment there is a lot more to consider than just the people element. 

With a modern recruiter he/she can be described as half artist/half scientist. They must be a Matchmaker, a Marketer, a Salesperson, an Advisor, a Technologist, a Data Nerd, a Researcher, plus attitude and activity are important. Some of you at this point may be quite surprised of what you ‘need’ to be in order to succeed in recruitment, so below I have outlined what each of these characters actually mean...

A Matchmaker – Essentially recruitment is matching people with companies. We need to take the time to identify the individual and the client’s personalities to ensure the best fit. 

A Marketer – With living in the social media age you must use LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media as a platform to build your brand and engage with your market.

A Salesperson – A lot of people may not realise the extent of the sales element within recruitment. You must constantly be building your pipeline all the while concentrating on closing deals. Commercially developing your desk by proactively seeking solutions for clients and sustaining a consistent level of revenue generation is key. 

An Advisor – It is important to remember that both job seekers and clients are always looking for advice and guidance. You must be able to take a consultative approach to recruitment, the best way to achieve this is to become a subject matter expert in your industry and use the information to provide real time market information.

A Technologist - A modern recruiter should love and utilise the marketing tools and systems that they have access to, to source the reach of potential job seekers that their competitors may not have access to. 

A Data Nerd – Recognising the importance of measuring your activity and analysing the data to communicate with the entire community. 

A Researcher – You must be a relationship builder, a networker and constantly connecting with your community. You must source/resource for potential candidates in new and established pools within your market. 

Attitude & Activity - These are equally as important, as is the consistency around both. A moderFn recruiter must recognise that planning, training and development aligned with clear goals and strategic focus are key ingredients for success. 

If you feel you have what it takes to succeed as a Modern Recruiter in the ever changing market please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself or any of the Talent Acquisition Team at Morgan McKinley.

  • Mar 02, 2016
  • Careers , Culture
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