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What do interns think of Morgan McKinley Hong Kong?

What will you do in the summertime? Apart from socialising with friends, taking classes of interest or playing computer games, an internship with Morgan McKinley might be a great option for you...

We have had many interns join our team this summer. Here’s what they’ve said about their time with us.

"I had my first internship with Morgan McKinley Hong Kong.  Before I started working, I was a bit nervous, worrying about the workload and the environment. When I first stepped into the office, my superior kindly welcomed me and walked me round to introduce me to my new colleagues. A warm atmosphere was created and I didn’t have any of the negative feelings I had imagined before I started.

img-oneWhilst most of the work I did consisted of data entry, my colleagues were caring and let me get involved in various tasks like editing the web page and participating in charity events. My time with MMK allowed me to learn basic skills in the workplace and, through listening to consultants make calls to clients and candidates, I was also able to learn more about the recruitment industry. 
After working with the team for a month, I was given the opportunity to sit in on an interview which was very exciting. I felt like a consultant sitting opposite the candidate and I got a great understanding of what the interview process entails which will no doubt come in handy when it’s time for me to secure my first job.
Working here with Morgan McKinley feels a bit like being part of a big family. People are warm and smiles could always be seen on consultants’ faces. Whenever I had any questions, my colleagues would provide support and feedback which meant the experience went beyond my expectations."

"The open office setting was great as it fostered great internal communication among staff.  I could listen to my colleagues having conversations with their candidates and clients which was really enjoyable. There were fewer communication barriers and more transparency than I had imagined and interacting with the consultants was fun and eye-opening. Doing data entry was a bit repetitive but I was able to learn more about the job market by analysing the data which was a real positive. I believe the market insights and knowledge

img-two I acquired will definitely be useful.  I would consider joining the industry after graduation as I found it a very fascinating and rewarding experience."

"My time with Morgan McKinley focused on handling data entry for Recruitment Consultants. I learnt how to write job advertisements and did this for one of the teams. I found it interesting to learn more about the requirements of the job and how to write an ad in order to attract the right talent. People were energetic and easy-going. The exposure to the recruitment industry was great and I found the experience with Morgan McKinley inspiring. It has helped me gain clearer understanding of my own strengths and career aspirations and it will help me to plan for my future career."

Thank you to Marcus, Colin and Christy. We were so pleased to have you spend time with us and are really grateful for all your efforts assisting Team Hong Kong. Whilst the journey was short it was definitely memorable. 

If you would like to join our Hong Kong team and be part of the family, please contact me for more information.

  • Aug 21, 2018
  • Hong Kong
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