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[Webinar] New Year’s Evolutions

Most people fail to keep their resolutions, but find it easy to simply evolve ever so slightly year after year.

Small tweaks are easier to maintain and end up leading to big changes. Forget resolutions this year and try evolving instead. These simple coaching tips will ensure you get healthier, wealthier and wiser every year, maintaining vitality and optimism throughout your life. Don't wait, make this year your best one yet!

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Talane's top 10 tips
1) Eliminate all those petty annoyances
  • Make a list of  60 – 100 things that you’re currently tolerating in your life; these can be small things or big things e.g. you have a cracked rear-view mirror you need to fix, shoes that need re-soling?
  • Can you spend one day on the weekend, or one morning, blasting through these and crossing this off? It’s a great boost.
2) Eliminate the ‘shoulds’
  • Get rid of your ‘dead goals’, a goal you’ve had for over a year that you’ve taken little or no action on.
  • Pick out one or two goals that really do excite and motivate you such as ‘enter a marathon (and you’d therefore lose weight in the process!)’
3) Unclutter your life
  • Get rid of the excess baggage that you’ve been dragging around. It could be from the glove compartment in your car, your desk to your garage or attic. Even a clean-out of your email inbox is a step forward.
  • Uncluttering creates a space for new and better things in your life.
4) Be an instant billionaire

You can all be an instant billionaire, here’s how:

On a blank piece of paper write all of the things that you would be, do and have or go to, if someone right now gave you a billion dollars, pounds or euros.

What’s your dream? What’s your fantasy? What would you do?

It could be something fanciful such as going out and buying a Ferrari or it could be changing your job and doing something you’d never before dreamed of doing. It expands our thinking because it’s thinking about what’s possible.

5) Identify your needs
  • If you want to reach your goals effortlessly this year, you need to be attractive to new opportunities, new careers and new people. To do that it helps to get your personal and emotionally needs fulfilled, as we know that being needy is inherently repellent and will repel the opportunities we want to take advantage of. 
  • Do you know that your top four emotional needs are right now?  It’s a very good idea to know (most people don’t) so as to take steps towards having these fulfilled. You can use the free Emotional Index Quiz on to discover yours.
6) Strengthen your strengths

One of my big complaints of the corporate world is that your review will often concentrate more on your weaknesses and improving these than on your current strengths. Why not improve, and become and expert, a master, on your strengths? Mastery is more usually more valued and better paid. Why be mediocre at a range of skills that were previously weaknesses.

7 ) Do what you love

Sometimes when we do what we love, we don’t get paid for it. Just because you’ll never be a professional golfer doesn’t mean you should never play if it’s something you enjoy doing.

When we do what we love, our energy levels increase. The tips so far are about getting rid of energy-drainers and here we have a way to boost it so you can do your job well, look after your family or reach whatever goals and priorities it is that you have.

The ideal situation is to work in something you love. If you don’t enjoy what you do at all, what are you doing wasting your life? Or are you spending time still figuring it out? Come on! Get a new career!

8) Design your ideal life

This is sometimes where people get it wrong, they focus too much on ‘I’ve got to get this done, this finance and then I can do...’ Why not instead design the life you want and orient your work so that it supports your ideal life?

  • Can you find a job that matches your core values? What’s most important to you? That’s what you’d be doing if you were a billionaire, if money wasn’t an issue.

Start with that and then scope out the career.

9) Attract what you want without really trying
  • You’ve already gotten rid of the things that drain your energy.
  • Point number five is identifying your needs and making you more attractive by being more confident and fulfilled.
10) It’s all good, even the bad stuff

Can you put a positive spin on everything? Sometimes bad things happen in life. 

E.g. ‘I’ve got credit card debt.’ Now how can this be a positive thing? Now I know I’ve got to learn to manage my money more effectively, I know where to start.

Maybe the bad thing is a prompt to look at what needs to be done, what you can do about this. You can turn this adversity into an opportunity to learn, a challenge that you’ll overcome.

You can use these top ten tips every year. Listen in to the recorded webinar for more including these Q&As (14:00):

  • How about health-related New Year’s resolutions? 
  • Which are the most difficult goals to reach and the most likely to become ‘dead goals’?
  • Jan 09, 2014
  • Careers , Culture
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