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Volunteering at the Vauxhall Foodbank | #MMKMillion

A few weeks ago, Niamh, Alex, Sophie and Emma spent the day with the Vauxhall Foodbank for our #MMKMillion Pledge.

The purpose of the Foodbank is to help ‘People in Crises’ who might have suddenly found themselves without work, in debt, declared bankrupt or simply just going through a lot in life. Charities refer them to the foodbank with a voucher and then they work with a Consultant to discuss what they'd like in their food parcel (meat or veg, what toiletries they need etc) and we packaged it up for them and delivered it them whilst they enjoyed a free English fry up courtesy Ray and Sophie.
Alex, Niamh and Emma spent the day in the stock room with Hen, Sarah and Mic who run a tight ship and an efficient operation, all as volunteers, packaging together care food parcels for people in need. Meanwhile Sophie was in the Kitchen with ex-Insurance broker Ray giving tea and coffee to clients as they arrived. The charity is run so smoothly and so efficiently, and by people that truly want to help in and around the area that they live in. They work hard to ensure that the clients they are dealing with aren't stuck in this situation permanently and will do anything to help them get out of their crises.
Volunteering at the Vauxhall Foodbank for our Morgan McKinley CSR day was a complete eye opener. Seeing how efficiently the charity is run, the heartfelt donations that they receive and how appreciative they were to have the extra help, made us want to volunteer more often. Lots of the people that we met at the foodbank were really surprised to find themselves in a situation where they had to rely on food parcels. Foodbanks aren't designed to hand out food to the same people on a regular basis; vouchers are only issued in emergency cases and are meant to be a short-term solution for people who find themselves in a position where they cannot feed themselves or their families. It made us realise how fragile our comfortable lifestyles are and to be very appreciative for what we have now as this really could happen to anyone. Seeing how comfortable the staff made clients feel when they arrived to collect their food and the difference that they're making to peoples' lives was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. 
It was an honour to represent Morgan McKinley and we would not hesitate to do it again. It definitely makes one appreciate what you have in life and not take things for granted, and what we are able to do to offer more care and support.

Volunteering at the Vauxhall Foodbank | #MMKMillionVolunteering at the Vauxhall Foodbank | #MMKMillion














Volunteering at the Vauxhall Foodbank | #MMKMillion

Volunteering at the Vauxhall Foodbank | #MMKMillion


  • Jun 20, 2017
  • CSR , UK
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