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Unlocking the Big Data Puzzle, London

We’ve had events focussing on IT in Singapore and Japan and now at long last it’s London’s turn!

Our IT temporary and permanent recruitment team hosted an IT event with two special guest speakers, Ian Sykes, Director of Data Discovery for Achieve Intelligence and Andrew Edge, Head of Data Warehousing at Just Eat Group.

According to Wikipedia data analysts have predicted that by the end of 2013 the amount of traffic flowing over the internet will reach to a staggering 667 exabytes annually. To put that into comparison, in 2007 there was only 67 exabytes. No wonder we’re so overwhelmed by managing data, there’s just so much of it!

How do you manage big data? After all, it’s not like the over stuffed closet at the end of the hall that you can pretend doesn’t exist, you have to confront the elephant in the room, big data can’t be ignored. But, with that much data, where do you even start?

Having recognised big data as a key issue in the IT industry, our IT recruitment team in London decided to host an evening dedicated to the subject and to provide a space whereby IT professionals could network, share ideas and have some fun doing it. With freshly made food laid out and plenty of refreshments on hand, guests were also invited to participate in unlocking some fabulous prizes on the night.

Ian Sykes and Andrew Edge both shared some insightful knowledge from their own experience of handling big data as well as providing some advice on how guests can manage it in their own workplace. Ian introduced us to the big data environment, the impact of new technology and its comparison to the data warehouse architecture of the past. In parallel, Andrew shared his experiences working with Tesco, Mind Candy and Just Eat, the challenges of implementation, his processes, toolkits and recommendations.

Attendees enjoyed a Q&A session afterwards, which we will be sharing out over the coming weeks along with footage from the event.

To see more photos fromt the event, head over to our Flickr page, and of course, make sure you keep heading back to the UK Morgan McKinley website for news on our upcoming events. 

  • Nov 27, 2013
  • Careers , Culture
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