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Two perfect candidates - Why do you need to say no to one?

As a recruiter you have listened to all of their wish list and through your close working relationship and understanding of not only the business, but the culture and dynamics of their team, you have put forward two equally hireable candidates.

They both get called for 2nd stage interview with the MD of the business and the outcome is……they cannot choose between the two of them.

Do you, accept that there is only one position and assist your client with choosing one of them – closest location? Slightly more CV stability? Salary expectation?  OR do you “Consult” and challenge.

Is there the option of further headcount in that team – the hiring Manager will know the plan for next years, growth, promotions, retirement, natural movement.  So get them to think more laterally.

Finding a new member of the team can be a very difficult decision and journey.  The dynamics of a team changes when someone leaves, and you want to help the hiring manager to make the process as easy a transition as possible for all concerned.  It is a difficult decision especially when I (your recruiter) have given you two fantastic options. 

So why would you want to say yes to only one person.  They could both prove to be huge assets to the business as a whole.

Is there another department where the skills are transferable – taking the pain away from another hiring manager with an already similarly skilled and perfect team/business fit.  Is this the ideal opportunity for that expansion they have been planning to do within their own team.

It’s not about being a “pushy” recruiter and more about being a consultative recruiter, with a deep knowledge and understanding of their business.  

It is as simple as “Asking the question” if you don’t ask you may never know, and neither may the hiring manager have even had that thought….“ I could hire them both!”

  • Sep 29, 2015
  • Careers , Culture
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