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Secrets to success series

Last Friday saw the launch of the secrets to success series and we were delighted to have Luke Skinner (Morgan McKinley’s highest biller in 2016) and current highest biller, joined by Archie Forbes-Adam (Morgan McKinley UK’s highest perm biller in 2016). This was an interactive, thought provoking Q&A session where we got an insight into what makes a top performer.

imageQuestions ranged from motivations, challenges, candidate and client strategy, how they manage their time, what success looks like, what are their drivers and what the future looks like. Archie stressed the importance of building his personal brand in his specialist market, whilst developing strong relations with his candidate and client base. 

Luke highlighted the need to continuously set goals and make these both attainable and achievable. The key to Luke's client success was the need to research, build credibility and stay in touch with those managers who hire regularly. Both Luke and Archie agreed that staying in contact with their candidates and clients was crucial to their success. 

Big thanks to both Archie and Luke for taking part. Please look out for the next secrets to success session. 

  • Aug 14, 2017
  • UK
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