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My intern experience with the finance team, Hong Kong

I have always been fascinated by business and financial analytics.

After my first year at University, I was lucky enough to have secured an internship position with Morgan McKinley in their Finance department. I was determined to understand the transformation of data from corporate financial statements into financial analytics. 

I used a live financial system (SAP) to do tasks such as updating bank statements, making payments and creating invoices. This ideal position allowed me to fully understand not only how data is incorporated into the financial statements but also how real-life analytics are generated. I have gained not only the financial accounting knowledge, but also the prompt for me to read further afield into financial statement analysis and various kinds of valuation methods.

Despite joining Morgan McKinley as a Finance intern, the inclusive nature, evidently shown by their “open office” sitting arrangement, made it easy for me to explore other departments. Inclusiveness is an aspect of my internship that can be easily be overlooked, but this is what I believe made my experience at Morgan McKinley precious. I truly felt that I was part of the Morgan McKinley family and never felt shy to approach someone outside of my department.  

It was a pleasant surprise that I was called upon to support Morgan McKinley external events where I was encouraged to meet with other HR and industry experts outside of Morgan McKinley. The opportunities broadened my knowledge in a variety of industries ranging from banking to real estate. 

A key element that made my time here so enjoyable was the high level of effective teamwork in the Finance department cheerfully maintained throughout the day. Working in such a tight-knit team made my month go by in a flash. Thank you Elaine for being such a motherly figure, Kit for his laughter, Wuby for her cute smile, Anna for her calming presence, Julie for her fresh energy, Ivan for his sassy comments, Susan for her strong support and Thomas (another fellow Finance intern) for being such a bubbly mentor. 

I would also like to sincerely thank everyone in Morgan McKinley’s Hong Kong team, including, Pauline, Rouella, Janice, Caroline, Sandeep, Phoebe, Patricia, Cayan and Reina.  

Katrina Chu | Finance Intern, Hong Kong 2017

  • Sep 01, 2017
  • Hong Kong
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