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Kumamoto Earthquake Relief - Pray for Kumamoto

Spring has finally arrived in the capital, and everywhere you look there are signs of new life re-awakening.

Yet during this time of renewal, it may be hard to compute that just 1,183.4 km south in the city of Kumamoto, so many people are not able to enjoy the season of change after the terrible tragedy that was the Kumamoto earthquake on April 14, 2016.

The need is urgent, and though many of us would like to lend a hand directly this may not always be possible. To address the most pressing needs first, we at Morgan McKinley are working closely with local aid groups in order to provide care packages directly to the disaster relief volunteers currently working tirelessly in Kumamoto. 

Some of the most critical items in need at this time include:  

1. Surgical masks
2. Kairo (disposable heating pad)
3. Wet wipes / wet towels for babies and general hygiene

Many people lost their homes during the destruction of the earthquake, and are living in makeshift shelters which are not always heated adequately. As they work to rebuild their lives, we will work to add relief in order to help ease this long and painful process in any way we can. kumamoto

Another way to help will include a fundraiser event that will be integrated into our monthly Free Friday celebration, a Morgan McKinley tradition of enjoying a night out with colleagues at our local bar. The May edition will include a donations box to collect money for the Kumamoto relief effort, where all proceeds will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross. If you are looking for ways you can help, please take a look at the Japan Red Cross website and find out where you can add your part. Remember, any little bit helps and on behalf of Morgan McKinley we thank you!     

  • Apr 26, 2016
  • CSR
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