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An Irish Charm

As St Patrick’s Day approaches it makes me think about how the business we work for, the culture they foster, and people you surround yourself by, have to be hugely important to any individual who wants to reach their career aspirations and achieve success.

For me brand and reputation, coupled with culture, are essential to being happy in your workplace. Morgan McKinley is an Irish-founded and owned business. In the spirit of St Patrick’s Day, let me example how some stereotypical Irish traits travel and translate across the glob to be as true in Sydney or Singapore as they are in Cork and Dublin.

1. Greeting

We are a friendly bunch who warmly welcome anyone to the business and love to know what we could learn from them.

2. ‘Gift of the gab’

There is an ancient rock at Blarney Castle, Ireland and they say that anyone who kisses the stone will have the gift of the gab. It’s no surprise this skill is useful when it comes to recruitment.

3. Strong convictions

We believe in standing by our principles and being ethical in our approach at all times.

4. Sociable

Whilst it isn’t compulsory to socialise with your colleagues, the natural human behavior is to surround yourself with like-minded people. So, if those like-minded colleagues also want a drink after a successful day in work then you’ll happily venture together.

5. Passionate

The Irish are known to be fiercely passionate and proud of their heritage and this sense of comradery translates across the Morgan McKinley business worldwide and within our teams locally.

6. Humour

Just as the Irish are known for, we also enjoy a laugh and joke and can share a funny story.

7. Imagination

Irish folklore created a Leprechaun. Need I say more? Morgan McKinley is renowned for innovation as we aim to create new ideas and concepts to lead our industry.

8. Endurance and resilience

We are a business who has continued to grow year on year since our inception. Day to day the role of a consultant can be challenging, however the most successful know that resilience will prevail.

  • Mar 14, 2018
  • Careers , Culture , Ireland
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Michelle Donohoe

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