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Is interning really necessary?

Since starting my law and commerce degree, I knew that gaining experience in a variety of areas of interest would be essential in order to determine what career path I wanted to take, learn new skills and get a dynamic and stand out CV. 

In the last 3 years I have been exposed to a wide range of industries and have realised I knew very little about potential career paths. Throughout school you learn about the classics - become a doctor, an accountant or a firefighter, when in reality there are so many more possibilities and the best way to learn is to immerse yourself within the work force. 

Why Intern?

Interning is a perfect chance to develop corporate skills, test run a certain industry and extend your professional network. 

I come from a generation that knows the power of social media, and this extends beyond your social life. It is essential to remember that professional networks are important when it comes to career progression and having access to exciting opportunities. 

The catch - Is interning really essential? I thought good grades would cut it... 

With higher numbers than ever attending university and graduating with degrees, there are only so many students that will land their dream job. Competition is high and good grades, while important, won’t necessarily cut it in the given market. These days companies are not only looking at grades, they are looking at individual’s personalities, extra-curricular activities and work experience. 

Time and time again, I see friends with perfect GPA’s miss out on a job opportunity solely because they have no experience in the corporate world. 

Interning provides you with the chance to learn basic corporate skills, gain some experience in an industry specific role and extend your network, allowing for great references for future jobs and connections that can equate to future opportunities. 

Why Morgan McKinley?

Morgan McKinley is a leading recruitment firm with a global reach. In the Sydney office we cover a number of industries including Strategy and Innovation, Financial Services, IT, Analytics, Risk & Compliance and Project Management. In Australia we work with the biggest businesses to provide the best talent. We pride ourselves on being personable and providing clients with top talent and candidates with the right opportunity with our full support and assistance. 

What Morgan McKinley can offer you as an intern? 

Morgan McKinley can provide you with a friendly and exciting environment to learn from talented and enthusiastic consultants. Our consultants are experts in their discipline and can provide you with invaluable insights to develop your corporate skills or help begin your career in recruiting. 

What did an internship at Morgan McKinley do for me?

I began as an intern in February this year within the Financial Service team, which provided me with the opportunity to be mentored by those in the FS and Risk and Compliance teams. I learnt how to source candidates using a range of methods, and learn first hand how to run candidate interviews, provide candidates with interview preparation and how to manage recruitment processes. This was tailored to my personal goals that were formulated alongside the Director of Accounting and Finance in order to make the most of my 10 week internship. 

This opportunity led to me wanting to pursue a career in recruiting and gain more experience. After the completion of the internship I was offered a position in the Strategy and Innovation team as an Associate Consultant. This was more than I had expected to gain from this internship. 

Within the last 3 months I have continued to develop new skills essential to recruiting, even leading to my first placement within 9 weeks of starting.  

My advice:

If someone asked me what I would advise my friends or those trying to enter the workforce, it would be: do well at university but more importantly try and participate in as many opportunities as possible. You never know where it might lead and only puts you at an advantage and leads to personal growth. 

Written by Bethany Mahler


If you are interested in participating in an internship with Morgan McKinley please contact Kirstine Forrester - Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist on either (02) 8986 3100  or at You can view more information about our offices in Australia here.

  • Jul 28, 2017
  • Australia
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