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I got MMK’d: An internship with Hong Kong's finance & accounting recruitment team

Our intern Krshna Moriani finishes his internship this week, this is a blog about his past three months at Morgan McKinley.

Firm handshakes, warm introductions and light banter that was how I started my internship at Morgan McKinley. It was evident, right from the beginning that I was surrounded by friendly and hardworking people.

Placed on the Finance & Accounting desk but really working for anyone who needed the extra pair of hands, my training was initially ‘get to know this system which will be your guiding light for the next 13 weeks’. This training, which involved a few videos and practices, was far from trivial because, looking back at it now, it enabled me to quickly understand the software and then fine tune my knowledge of how to utilize it.

Over the three months I had several tasks, mainly involving cleaning the database and checking the accuracy of the information and update it. This was in addition to administration tasks, creation of internal CVs and sorting out contracts. However, being a student of journalism, my favourite tasks were those that involved writing sector specific reports and also writing blogs – like this one.

Having said that, the pinnacle of my experience was enjoying the company of the friends I made. Every conversation in the pantry; every ‘Hi’, smile while walking by, every joke and every conversation cumulated little by little eventually resulting in the feeling that ‘I am NOT JUST an intern’ and it was this sentiment of embracement that brought my experience at Morgan McKinley to a new level.

What's more, the Christmas party, Christmas potluck and after-work social gatherings brought an entirely new light to my initial conception of what an office job would be like and to be honest, this experience has changed my attitude and now I cannot wait to finish my studies and officially join the working class, at the desk and out in the field.

I started with the idea of making new connections, experience a new sector of the business world that I hadn’t previously given much thought and finally, to learn – adding new blocks to that Jenga tower. I would like to thank everyone for having made this experience exceed my initial expectations by far, so much so that it seems implausible to have happened.

Image:"Creative Commons Hong Kong sunrise" by Daxis is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

  • Jan 16, 2014
  • Hong Kong
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