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How networking adds value to your career

When I worked as a recruiter and even now working in Talent Acquisition, I’ve always found it fascinating to network and keep up to date with market trends, culture, tradition, and of course, meet new people.

Here in Japan, it can often be quite difficult to connect with talents and may take a lot more effort to establish trust and strong business bonds with people, but here’s 7 top ways that recruiters can help add value to your career:

1. The right recruiter can take you places
There are plenty of reasons networking with a recruiter can benefit you, especially if they are focused on career opportunities in your industry. 

2. Recruiters know what’s happening in the market
Recruiters contact you because they have a good idea of what career progressions are available for you. How can they know? They network themselves and get lots a recommendation from common acquaintances. They will read your profile on LinkedIn (if you have one) and get a good grasp of your skills and experience, current situation and therefore see the potential next career step up for you. It’s their job to know what skills are in demand in the market and what hiring managers are looking for when trying to fill positions. 

3. Get market insights for free
You’ll be sure to get full disclosure of topical market trends, including:

  • Your market value (see also industry salary guides)
  • Your future career prospects
  • What other organisations are offering and how they operate
  • What the workplace environment is like and what their business strategy is

4. Use the insights to position yourself in the market
Depending on the nature of your work, you can use this information to your advantage for the company you work for. For example, if you are working in HR you can use these insights to find out how your competitors are operating, what they are offering in regards to learning and development, what they are doing for their branding or even finding out what initiatives they are taking to improve their working environment. 
You can use all that information to see what challenges they might be facing in the next few years and implement your own strategy anticipating your competitor’s next move. 

5. Value in just one hour
Normally, meetings with a recruiter last 1 hour so you can gain the above valuable information in a short space of time

6. Building future relationships - Knowing the right people
Having a good recruiter in your network will be a valuable asset when looking for a career change. It’s all about knowing the right people and having the right skills to get you where you want to be in your career. 

7. Knowledge is power
Knowledge is power, and gaining insights into the market can only be helpful to your career.
If a potential networking opportunity is related to your industry, your role in the company, or your career, then only positive results will come out of it.

Interested in networking with me to find out more about open roles, working culture, or more about me and my career at Morgan McKinley? Feel free to get in contact as I’m always happy to make time for a coffee or lunch networking session! 

  • Mar 15, 2019
  • Careers , Japan
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