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How Management Development Training turned me into a Logician

I was recently offered some “Management Development” training.

This raised a lot of urgent questions: Why me? Do you not rate my management? Am I doing it wrong? Then to my relief I found out all the directors are doing it. Phew. Hang on! Why us? Do you not rate any of our Management? Are we all doing it wrong? Etc etc.

It turns out we’re doing something outrageously modern like “investing in people”. Trying to help our people develop. Now I am a big fan of people up-skilling and developing themselves, and I get people within my division to do it at every opportunity. But, I’m not going to lie, it turns out I don’t much like to have to do it myself. Partly that might be that I have always been a bit of a teach-myself kind of person. I like figuring things out and doing things my own way.

I took an online psychometric test (opinions on these another time!), which said something very similar. The profile came back with my personality type being a “logician”. Which I gather is a bit like a magician but working with logic rather than rabbits and hats. Which is great; if something is logical then it makes sense, so surely people agree with what I think – which we all know is nice.

Anyway this same pesky logic dictated that I can’t ask people to go through training and not do it myself. Logic also dictated that other people probably want to do things their way as well. Tough one.

To cut a long story short, I did the course and really enjoyed it. I took a lot away from it, and I now have some extra letters after my name as I am CMI qualified through this lovely lot.

Now I’m in a situation where I am running a division, and doing it my way, with increased confidence in the (logical) decisions I am making, thanks to the training. I have long held the belief that in a sales environment you have to find a way of operating that suits you – otherwise you turn up and basically be someone else for a day. In a results driven business I don’t want to be hired or fired doing things someone else’s way – it will be on my terms. Therefore I have to extend that into the division.

And so to the point of my musings. I am part of a very successful division, that looks after Tax, Audit and Advisory. We plan to launch into Tax Technology, Pensions and Immigration, and Consulting in 2016. I genuinely love the team I work with. We are top suppliers to most of the big players that we work with, and we have had a lot of growth since it was just me on my own a few years back. I am proud to be part of a company that invests in people and allows me to flourish in my own style. And it works. The division has a list of accolades, it’s won ‘Team of the Year’, won weekends away, meals out, it boasts some of our top UK fee earners, top performing newcomers, top researchers, etc. We have an excellent pipeline of assignments, and a number of opportunities for people to join us and be part of the continued growth. Our company has massive expansion plans, to continue the growth we have been through (20% growth in the last year).

So if you are a recruiter, or would like to get into recruitment, and want to operate in an environment that provides you with a platform to be part of a highly successful team, with the freedom to operate within that framework so you feel like you can be yourself, then please get in touch. It would be logical to do so.

To hear about opportunities in Morgan McKinley, or to discuss job opportunities in London in the fields of Tax, Audit and Advisory, Pensions, or Consulting, please contact Ian Palmer.

  • Dec 08, 2015
  • Careers , Culture
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