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How to make social media work for or against you

The week before last, technology and social media professionals saw Social Media Week come to London.

Jam packed with seminars across an entire week, professionals from all over the nation swarmed to London to get the latest news, catch up on the latest tips and to network. Whether you or your company was on Linkedin, Pinterest or Weibo, there was a seminar or workshop for you.

One subject in particular that stood out over the week was the matter of branding (personal or corporate) and managing your presence over various different platforms. When it comes to personal branding, a lot of companies are certainly aware of it, but as a recruiter, I wanted to ask, are you aware of your own personal branding?

In association with Yupeek, our office recently held a webinar on Personal Branding focusing on topics such as best practice, managing your reputation online and personal branding strategies to name but a few.

With so many people on one social networking site or another, what you post online and what you get up to is not so private. It’s not only your friends and family that can see what you did over the weekend, it’s current and potential employers to.

Which begs the question, “What does your social media content say about you?”

Many people, whether they are in or out of employment, tend to underestimate what their online profiles say about them. As a recruiter, Linkedin is one of my favourite tools, not only can you connect and stay in touch with clients and candidates, but you can catch up on news and network amongst like minded professionals. What many users tend to do is set up a profile and put very little about themselves, whether that’s about their job, previous experience or education, the information is lacking. Whereas on sites like Twitter and Facebook, it can be seen that too much information is shared, especially from ‘that night out’ with old university friends.

The best advice anyone can give is to keep it balanced. If you can’t/shouldn’t be saying it out loud, you shouldn’t write it down, and in this case, you shouldn’t post it online. Your social media is a reflection of you, so make sure that you’re putting out the right information and the right images to represent you, because that what social media is, a representation of you. And you never know, it could come back to haunt you one day…

  • Oct 09, 2013
  • Culture
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