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How I Used My #MMKMillion Volunteer Days

Business support member Jesminara Hussain tells her story on how she chose to give back using her #MMKMillion volunteer days.

Finsbury and Clerkenwell Volunteers: Delivering frontline services to the community

I really enjoyed volunteering at the lunch club for the elderly in Old Street. It was such a great pleasure providing a few hours of my time giving something back to the community. I was the only volunteer there on the day so was more than happy to be hands on in preparing food and doing the washing up. It was a very lively atmosphere and all the members of staff were very warm and friendly. They really enjoy having volunteers helping them so I knew I was appreciated and helped make a difference to the lives of others.

Barnardo's Marylebone Shop

What an amazing day I had! I always wanted to provide more volunteering work and I have found my dream volunteering role at the Barnardo’s Marylebone store. Eduardo the store manager has a great passion for Barnardo’s and this made a huge impact on me to follow through my role for the day. He showed me the ropes and trained me on using the cash till (which I actually really loved!) and I was so excited when I got my first big sale of £83! I even got to use the steam iron to iron some of the clothes which was so magical to use!

I was working alongside Jonny the shop assistant who is such a lovely young man and also made me feel at ease throughout the day.  I got to price and tag items and even display them accordingly when I saw the items being sold within a flash.

Below are just a few words from Eduardo Martins (Branch Retail Manager):

“Jesminara came to the Marylebone Barnardo’s branch and brought tons of positive energy and a can do anything attitude! With a contagious smile she won over the customers and was an important asset on the shop floor. She helped customers make the right choice with their picks. She was the face of the shop and fundamental at securing sales and cashing them.

Also at the till Jesminara was given the task of accepting donations from the locals never forgetting about the importance of Gift Aid. With her sense of style and fashion awareness Jesminara kept the shop looking stunning! On that day Jesminara was a sales assistant but not only: cashier; personal stylist; visual merchandiser and stockroom assistant! I thank her for her hard working and commitment to the cause of this amazing charity!”
It’s been a great experience and I truly had such fun and felt I made a difference as I got to know some of the local customers who made my role enjoyable too. I will continue to volunteer again when I have spare time at the weekends. I have gained such a unique opportunity to experience working with the community and really look forward to going back and volunteering again.  By giving up some of your free time, it not only helps you become more of a well rounded person, you are also contributing to the health and well-being of others who need help.

If you're part of the Morgan McKinley team and want to use a volunteer day, get in contact with HR to find out how you can get involved »

  • Oct 05, 2016
  • CSR
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