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How to get promoted: Career Progression Within Morgan McKinley

Congratulations to the following consultants!

Promotions in the last 8 months:

  • Annalise Neal - Consultant, IT
  • Aoife Power – Consultant, Government
  • Eloise Seidelin – Principal Consultant, Change Management
  • Georgina Gann - Consultant, Accounting & Finance (Commerce & Industry)
  • Jack Pope  – Senior Consultant, Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Jessica Barrett - Principal Consultant, Business Analysis
  • Joel Tam - Consultant, Accounting & Finance (Commerce & Industry)
  • Josh Hawkins  – Associate Manager, Accounting & Finance (Commerce & Industry)
  • Leon Young – Senior Consultant, Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Paul Smith – Senior Consultant, Accounting & Finance (Commerce & Industry)
  • Rhys Horton - Principal Consultant, Project Services
  • Ruby Yeats – Senior Consultant, Strategy
  • Shaun Stevens - Associate Director, Strategy, Finance & Innovation
  • Tamara Wood – Associate Manager, Accounting & Finance (Financial Services)

Congratulations to all of you!

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So, what are their key secrets to success?

  • “Having exceptional peers I could really learn from, from simple tricks for tracking candidates, through to shadowing to get a better understanding of how to approach situations.”
  • “Focus, prioritisation, and having a manager that supported me and kept me accountable to my goals.”
  • “Working in a mature environment that offers the flexibility to work in the way that I want.”
  • “Hard work and continually putting my hand up for new opportunities.”
  • “Being focused on my goals and breaking them down into achievable parts!”
  • “Persistence; consistently keeping in touch with clients and with candidates, and seeing positive outcomes come from it.”
  • “Working smarter, not harder!” 

How did Morgan McKinley support them in achieving their promotions?

As well as supportive managers and inspirational leadership from the top down, the other ways Morgan McKinley supports people to reach their goals include (but of course are by no means limited to!):

  • Training: from a rigorous and structured onboarding program catering to both experienced recruiters and graduates/career changers, to our leadership programs which focus on building our future leaders. We offer training sessions facilitated by our Senior Consultants, Managers, Directors and our Managing Directors, as well as external facilitators and e-learning platforms, to really set our people up for success.
  • Workshops led by a broad range of the team to share their expertise; brainstorming sessions highest performers can share their key hints and tips, and ‘innovation labs’ where every voice can be heard and can help shape the business.
  • Clear, tangible and achievable targets related to each individual’s ‘Career Pathways’ plan (more information on Career avenues below).
  • A buddy program whereby each consultant is paired carefully with someone whose skill set will really complement their own, whether it’s an area of strength to play to, or a development gap to build on.  
  • PSA accounts and networks that have been developed over many years through quality partnering relationships with our clients and candidates. This allows new starters to get up to speed quickly and makes every phone call that little bit ‘warmer’!
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What does Career Progression look like at Morgan McKinley?

Here at Morgan McKinley, we try to avoid making the age-old error of applying a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to career progression. Too often we hear stories of high billing Consultants in other recruitment firms being pushed into managerial positions, perceived as the only route to progress. We recognise that a career is an individual journey and we want to provide support that gets our people to where they really want to be. Rather than be micromanaged or scrutinised over KPIs for the sake of KPIs, our people are empowered to build their own business with the wisdom of others, and the infrastructure to support them. There are clear Career Pathways laid out to each and every one of our Consultants, whether they join us as a Graduate, a Career Changer, or an already-experienced Recruitment Consultant.

Joining us from university, graduates work through our ‘Rookie scheme’ with logical and attainable milestones to reach while they’re getting up to speed. We aim to get our Associate Consultants quickly to the next step in their recruitment careers, whether that’s as a 360-degree Consultant or our newly created role of a Delivery Consultant, which is effectively a 270-degree role that still provides the candidate and client interaction, whilst being paired with one of our hotshot Business Developers.

From Consultant level the goals are clearly identified, and within reach, to get to Senior Consultant. This is the level where our team really begin to shape their own careers, playing to their strengths and aspirations with the opportunity to move into three very different roles, as either Associate Manager, Business Manager or Principal Consultant. Those that want to become people managers will step into an Associate Manager role, supported closely by their Manager or Director to help develop their leadership skills, before progressing to Manager, then Associate Director and onto Director. Those that want to be an independent contributor can progress to Principal Consultant and really focus on honing their expertise and building their personal brand. For those that are passionate about further developing our key accounts, they can pursue the Business Manager avenue.

Each of these steps consist of not only financial targets being achieved, but also behavioural ones (e.g. committing to team initiatives like our CSR Committee, and maintaining good feedback from all the candidates and clients we interact with) – we acknowledge that being a great Consultant consists of more than simply the billings next to someone’s name -  it’s also about a demonstrated commitment to improving the lives of the people we work with. And best of all, there’s no need to wait for that one time of year to roll around to get promoted; this is all about the individual and when they’re ready for their next step.
If you want to come and work for a company that encourages and supports genuine career progression, tailored to you, get in touch with Steph Newth now, on or +61 2 8986 3102.

  • Apr 10, 2019
  • Australia
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