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How can the Buddy Scheme help you?

Recently I was asked to buddy up with a new starter in our company.

Morgan McKinley has been running the scheme for a number of years and we believe it is a great way to assimilate new comers into the organisation.

Firstly, on-boarding can be a tricky path; maybe like that first day at school or starting a new group – you are not sure what to say or do. Therefore, I hope my words of wisdom will provide my buddy with a greater ease in the workplace but also positive re-enforcement regarding their observations and thoughts. Basically, my aim is to give some sound advice which they can build on as they navigate their way through the early weeks and months in their new environment.

In a way, a buddy can be viewed like an informal mentoring system where you can both share your thoughts on how you are progressing within the work place and some of the challenges you are facing. Since joining the company I too have had the benefit of forming my own buddy relationship with an inspiring and long serving member of the Morgan McKinley group. I believe that having this buddy relationship made a substantial difference between having an average and great experience in the last 3 years.

Inevitably, complex situations will arise when at work – but a having a buddy relationship can help you feel reassured that things are on track and you are not isolated or alone. They can provide you with the forum to check and balance your decision making and boost your brain power. After all, two heads are better than one!

To learn more about the “buddy” scheme at Morgan McKinley, please click here or if you have any questions about our content please feel free to get in touch. In addition, if you are currently looking for your next permanent or contract role, Morgan McKinley has many opportunities available. Please view our jobs site.

  • Jan 28, 2016
  • Careers , Culture
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Hamish McCombie

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