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Going way beyond - and reaping the rewards!

To go beyond in Morgan McKinley is a daily activity. It is a company motto and something each employee does here continually.

Whether we go beyond for a candidate, an employer or a colleague, we always do our best to ensure we deliver a high class service.

So what does “go beyond” mean? Well in our terms, it means exceeding expectations; be that through over achieving on set targets, personal development plans or building a personal brand. 

However, it is our job to go beyond the job spec and to go beyond a candidate’s immediate needs, and ensure we find the right career and match for each of them. As Ireland COO, Karen O'Flaherty, said “We value in Morgan McKinley, the need to ‘Go Beyond’ because that match, like any good relationship, can take time and effort. The symbiotic benefit of key talent in the right roles for organisations has made good companies great and great individuals remarkable”.

I was recently nominated, along with my colleagues as someone who has gone beyond within the business and we were rewarded immensely for this. Last Friday we were given the day off and were treated to a five star overnight stay. For me, the recognition for my hard work drives me further and really encourages me to be my best.

As we all know “An employee will stay when they are valued and appreciated”; I recently read an article from Forbes magazine on simple and effective ways an organisation can make an employee feel valued. These tips really opened my eyes to how praise and recognition can help employees to feel appreciated.

In Morgan McKinley, I honestly feel this happens and we share success. Are you valued in your current workplace? Does your mentor see your ability and help you to develop? If not and you would like a new opportunity where this is a company motto, speak with me today for excellent opportunities within Human Resources.

Fearga Walsh | Consultant, Dublin

  • Feb 10, 2017
  • Culture
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