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Corporate Social Responsibility and the MMK Million

In April 2014, Ireland published its first National Plan on Corporate Social Responsibility and Morgan McKinley jumped on board.

This month we launched our Morgan McKinley Million CSR programme where we, as a global company, pledge to donate one million euro to various communities and charities globally by 2018. Already my colleagues have been jumping from planes, baking cakes, running marathons and pledging to do even more. 

Here in Morgan McKinley we all made pledges to do more, pledges that will help our local hospice, wider homeless charities and overseas orphanages. We are lucky to work for a company that offers two days charity leave a year allowing us to dedicate precious time to those less fortunate.

In recruitment we get to work with people every day and learn about their lives, their families and what drives them in their careers. We help them to make right choices, find the dream job and impact their lives for the better. I meet with candidates every day and they want to be in a job where they can make an impact and this was important to their happiness. Most would even take a pay cut to achieve that goal. Recruitment has changed; people want to be happy in their jobs, they want to make an impact and they want to be proud of the brand they are representing. So we need to change too, research conducted by Cone Millennial Cause group, detailed in The 2020 Workplace, found that 80% of a sample of 1,800 13-25 year olds wanted to work for a company that cares about how it impacts and contributes to society. More than half said they would refuse to work for an irresponsible corporation.

Candidates often ask me about our CSR programme and it’s something I am always keen to tell them about as it really is something we care about and we are given the tools to make it personal. Does your current employer support and create the same initiatives? If not, maybe it’s time for a change, it’s time to go beyond and help others and it’s time to be part of a company that does the same. 


Fearga Walsh

  • Jul 18, 2016
  • CSR
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