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Confession: We're feeling a bit green

This Monday just gone, we celebrated St Patrick's Day, not only with friends and family, but online too. Aimee Carmichael, Marketeer Extraordinaire, blogs on how we made a digital difference for St Patrick's Day.

Did you see it? Our global social media sites went green on Monday 17th March. No, it wasn’t a technical error and no, we weren’t experimenting with a new colour scheme.

Monday was St Patrick’s Day, a day which is celebrated around the globe, thanks to the huge Irish diaspora around the world and some nifty marketing, in particular, by Tourism Ireland.

Tourism Ireland’s Global Greening initiative, now in its fifth year, sees prominent buildings, landmarks and heritage sites around the world turning green to mark the occasion in a bid to grow international tourism into Ireland.

Amongst many other famous landmarks, Britain’s very own London Eye turned green, just across the river from Morgan McKinley’s London office!

While, we don’t have an iconic landmark office (yet), as a global company with a presence in ten countries worldwide, we were keen to do our bit. Even some of our colleagues dressed up in green for the day, you can see them in the photo that accompanies this blog.

As for my part in Morgan McKinley’s Global Greening, I confess, I was the one responsible for coordinating our social media sites’ temporary viridescence (that’s a posh way of saying they took on a greenish hue). And I have to say it was great to be able to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in an unusual way.

So, apologies if you thought your monitor or mobile display needed adjustment. I promise it won’t happen again, or at least not until March 17, 2015.

Maybe next year we’ll take it to the next level by lighting up all our offices in emerald green too? We are proud of being a global enterprise, but on St Patrick’s Day everyone’s a little bit Irish.

  • Mar 20, 2014
  • Careers , Culture
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