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Cloud Computing at Dinner, Japan

Over the past couple of weeks, our offices across the globe (quite co-incidentally) have been busy hosting IT networking events featuring some of the markets leading speakers within IT.

Last week saw our Japan office hosting a “What is Cloud Computing?” Executive Dining Club for our IT clients at the Tokyo American Club with guest speaker Joseph Signorelli.

For years, technology leaders and professionals have coined the term ‘the Cloud,’ yet, there still seems to be some ambiguity around the application. Businesses and individuals alike, seem to struggle to understand Cloud and as a result fail to use it to it’s full potential. To bring some light on the subject, we asked Joseph Signorelli to be our guest speaker at this month’s Executive Dining Club.

If you’ve not heard of Joseph Signorelli before, Joseph is one of the IT sectors leading specialists in Cloud computing. Currently, Joseph is the Senior Director of Japan Business Operations at Citrix Systems, a company that is well known for it’s pioneering work with Cloud computing based solutions. Previously, Joseph has worked in senior leadership roles at F5 Networks, EMC and Quest Software, making his wealth of experience incredibly insightful to the evening’s talk. Much of Joseph’s career has been devoted to finding out how businesses can successfully apply Cloud to their organisation.

During the talk Joseph shared his own personal insight and experience on Cloud and how it applies to other business applications. Other issues highlighted in the talk included how to implement Cloud, the cost benefit analysis as well as the pros and cons of using Cloud. An engaging and astute speaker, Joseph even included some case studies for our audience to view.

It’s safe to say that Joseph Signorelli, brought this somewhat technical topic to life and relevant to each of our attendees. With clients attending across a range of companies, it can be difficult to make such a strong subject accessible to a wide range of businesses. The entire evening was a huge success and we’ll certainly be looking forward to the next event.

  • Sep 20, 2013
  • Careers , Culture
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