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Aldagh McDonogh interviewed on the future of employment

Morgan McKinley Group CEO, Aldagh McDonogh, joined The Business on RTE Radio 1.

Listen to the downloadable pocast as Aldagh talks about:

  • The background of Morgan McKinley, its origin as Premier Group and subsequent acquisitions [1:04]
  • How we work commercially as a recruitment company? [2:47]
  • Do recruitment processes contribute to undermining the stability of employment, casualisation of work? [4:25]
  • Where does the gig economy fit it? [6:08]
  • What about the future of jobs and the future of employment and of course training and education for that? How is the workplace changing when looking at trends internationally? [7:52]
  • In technologically-driven change, which jobs are safe? [8:48]
  • How may automation affect recruitment? [9:11]
  • Are some companies a bit too obsessed with rounds and rounds of interviews? [11:39]
  • How significant do you think Brexit will be for the jobs market in Ireland? [13:06]


  • May 01, 2018
  • Careers , Culture , Ireland
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