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500km in 326 days

As most of my colleagues know, I like to run!

Not one to shy away from a challenge like marathons or 20 miles obstacle courses (gratuitous showing off there), I have been looking for a fresh challenge this year. 

I was bullied into this year's goal by my loving and supportive team at work who know my weakness for doing stupid things! What started of as a suggestion of running 250km soon rose (at my proposal) to 500km in one year. Now to some who are avid runners this might not seem like much, but for me it really is quite a challenge as it will be the most I've ever run in one year!

Now here's the thing, you can help me! I don't often ask for sponsorship for my running... So I am now! Bliss is a fantastic charity who play an amazing role in supporting the family's of premature and sick babies. Unfortunately I know far more people than I would like who have been affected by this and Bliss really need the support to carry on with the fab work they do.

So please, whatever you can spare, would really go along way and help motivate me to keep going this year. You can view my Just Giving page here


Helen Firth | Manager

500km in 326 days

  • Jan 24, 2017
  • CSR , UK
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