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5 reasons to go into recruitment

You’ve decided that working in agency recruitment is what you want to do.  

You’ve done your research or maybe you are still in the middle of researching if it is the right career path for you. You’ve read blogs, been to careers fairs and watched videos on what it takes to be a good recruitment consultant.  How do you really know for sure that recruitment is the right career for you? 

Here is my insight into why a career in recruitment could be the right job for you.

1. You love people

Probably the number one response I get to the question – “Why do you want to work in recruitment?” It’s true – recruitment is a people business. You are speaking to job seekers or candidates over the phone or in person every day.  They might have two years experience or twenty years of experience. You need to be able to work with different personalities as well as manage the expectations from your clients and candidates. By placing someone into a new job, you are not only changing their life but also their families’ lives.

2. You want to learn how businesses work

You see a brand or logo in the street and you think you know what they do but as a recruiter, you really get to understand that company and how they work. Great recruiters become like a business partner or brand ambassador for their clients in recruiting great talent for them. You need to be able to sell the company AND job to a candidate. Everyone changes jobs for different reasons so you have to know why someone should leave their current job for a new role. What are the career progression opportunities in the new company, what makes this client/company different to their competitors and why someone should want to work for them – any company benefits like flexible working hours, company discount for the brand etc. 

3. You love the thrill of the chase

It is incredibly rewarding to know that you are making a real impact on someone’s career as well as the future of a company’s growth by placing the right talent into the right job. It will be hard and require persistence and resilience as you will experience bumps along the way. Candidates pulling out of an interview, rejecting offers as they get a counter offer from their current company to stay and clients putting roles on hold or cancelling them due to restructuring or other internal processes. You can’t take it personally. My advice is to get back on the phone and chase after the next role to work on!

4. You’re an entrepreneur

You will be building your own portfolio of clients; you will have targets and need to sell your expertise and knowledge to both clients and candidates. It’s very similar to building your own business. The better reputation you have in the market, the more referrals you will get. This will lead into better quality of candidates to introduce to clients as well as more clients wanting to work with you. Which ends up with a happy candidate, a happy client and a nice commission/bonus for you! 

5. You have a drive for success

You love a challenge, you are not afraid of hard work and you are passionate about being the best you can be. You don’t want a regular 9am to 5pm desk job where there is no chance to progress or promotions are based on tenure. You like to be rewarded for your hard work. 

If this sounds amazing, then you are definitely in the right place. Take a look around the rest of our careers site and read the blogs on why people joined us. Also check out the reviews on our Glassdoor profile

Want to learn more? Get in touch with your local Talent Acquisition specialist. We are always open to speaking to experienced agency recruitment consultants, people looking for a career change into recruitment or someone wanting to start their career and have chosen recruitment. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Apr 27, 2018
  • Careers , Culture
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