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3 ways to beat post holiday blues

I’ve just arrived back from an amazing long weekend away and I’ve experienced probably the most dramatic holiday blues.

When the plane hit the tarmac back at Heathrow, I could feel myself sinking slowly into the spiral of dread; rain lashing down and squeezing onto packed tubes did not help matters. However, after arriving back in the office bronzed and bushy tailed this morning, I’ve quickly learned the 3 key ways of beating the post holiday blues.

1. Man Up - To put it bluntly, you’ve just come back from an amazing experience, met some interesting people and you just need to cherish the memories. Be thankful that you've had the opportunity to go on holiday and have a great time and realise that 'holiday life' is not 'real life'.

2. Get stuck into a project - Coming back to work helped me get straight back into the swing of things. I have a time sensitive project that I’ve been pulled into and as a result there is no time to wallow and look forlornly at my holiday selfies on Facebook.

3. Make sure you’re coming back to a job you love - If you don’t love your job, you’re going to feel the blues a lot more than your chipper, work loving colleagues. Are you happy? Does the thought of going to work make you want to frantically run away screaming? Maybe this is the spur you need to reassess your job.

Even I felt the pain of setting the alarm clock and getting back into a routine, but, the fact that I love my job and my colleagues made the transition of coming back to real life much easier!

If you don’t feel engaged or inspired by your current company or your career, give me a call! Perhaps a career in recruitment is right for you. We can chat about what you want from a job and how Morgan McKinley compares, and to wrap up we can share some holiday snippets.

  • Apr 03, 2014
  • Careers , Culture
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