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The Wonder that is Recruitment

Unlike a lot of people who “accidentally fall” into recruitment, I chose to get into recruitment.

I saw recruitment as a good career choice for a number of reasons. Recruitment can provide a very fulfilling career, it is challenging, provides significant opportunities for progression and if you are successful the monetary rewards can be great!

When I started in recruitment I knew it was a very sales oriented industry however I am not a pushy sales person. Here at La Crème and Morgan McKinley consultants are exactly that, consultative as opposed to sales people. We listen to our candidates and clients and deliver on what they need and we provide a high level of customer service as opposed to high numbers of sales calls.

Recruitment is a difficult industry to work in. You need to be dedicated, hard working, resilient (as there are many ups and downs!) and ambitious. However, if you are interested in recruitment and you have these qualities along with a passion for working in a fast paced, people focused environment, you can definitely do it! 

I started working in La Crème just over 2 and a half years ago. When I started I was determined to do well and to progress within a certain period of time. So far I have progressed to senior consultant and have been on occasion a top biller for Cork. I know there is plenty more room for me to develop my career here and I am excited to see what opportunities are going to open up next for me.

If you are looking for a fulfilling career as opposed to just another job, recruitment could be an option to consider. We would love to help you take the next step in your career so get in touch with us today.

Pamela Maher

  • Aug 13, 2014
  • Careers
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