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Why Choose Recruitment?

That being said, I don’t know many people that don’t have a bad day in their job every now and again.

Saying this there are a lot of positives which I can vouch for that I know makes recruitment the role for me, if you are considering recruitment have a look at the points below and see does it sound for you.

You are essentially your own business, an entrepreneur!

If you believe you work too hard and get nowhere, you have no excuses in recruitment! You are essentially your own business, you build your brand, client base and candidate base.


If you take the above and drive your own business you are likely to succeed and progress. In recruitment if you are a market leader, top biller within your market the natural next step will be Senior, TL and then onto Management, there is always a natural next step that is achievable.


Yes I have put this down the list, let’s not lie should it be at the top? Maybe, depends on the person. As many know you can do quite well financially in recruitment, if you take the own business approach, build your brand and progress don’t get me wrong you will be rewarded financially.

Exposure and development

A big one for me. I don’t know in what other role a consultant with 1 to 2 years’ experience could say they have the experience of sitting down with a Global VP from a leading multinational, this is great experience and happens on a regular basis in recruitment, this massively helps to fast track you regarding your professional development and gives you not only confidence and great inside knowledge into your industry.

Every day is different.

Another positive! You will never have the same day, being honest you don’t know what your day entails, between interviews, clients visits etc., time flies, you will never have nothing to do and if you have nothing to do, you’re in the wrong role!

The people

Finally the people, yes the people: When I say people I mean your colleagues, candidates and clients. Let’s start with your colleagues, if you are in recruitment you are probably quite an outgoing person, you will find all your colleagues are the same, it’s a bit like working with a load of your friends. Regarding clients and candidates, you will over time build strong relationships with them too, you will find that in time you have a pool of clients and candidates that you know inside out and it really won’t feel like working when your job is to speak to them on a daily basis.

Above are all the good points, of course there are negatives but they are for another day, yes I’ve been having a good week this week.

  • Jun 14, 2017
  • Careers
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Darragh McCarthy

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