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When I grow up I want to be a recruiter

When I was young my friends and I had huge aspirations for what we’d be when we grew up. Doctors, solicitors, artists, astronauts.. becoming a recruiter didn't appear on my list!

Recruitment is often overlooked but it can be quite an intriguing profession. You never really think about recruitment until one day you find yourself searching for a job to launch your career, or seeking a change in your current career. My initial encounter with recruitment was when I returned from travelling. With my job search in full swing, I received a call back from a recruitment company.
This recruiter took the time to critique my CV, suggested some improvements, listened to my goals and went off to try and find the next best job opportunity for me. This was my first experience with a recruitment agency and it was such a great service. I was able to sit back and allow them to do a lot of work on my behalf.
I was really surprised when the recruitment agency I had sent my CV to called and said they might have a position in their own company. After a series of interviews and meetings, I found myself immersed into the busy and exciting world of recruitment. 
I began my career with Morgan McKinley on the reception desk in the Dublin office. The first thing that struck me about the people who worked there was that everyone had come from such diverse backgrounds. 
Three years later, I am now working as part of the Global Talent Acquisition team! What I like most about my job is meeting new people and because of this, no two days are the same. It’s a dynamic and exciting profession. The majority of what you learn about the entire process is through internal training and experience. 
Recruitment is fast paced, ever changing, lucrative industry to work in. It may not have been your goal since you were 12, but it’s definitely worth considering! Interested in starting your career in recruitment? Get in touch here or view current opportunities here.

  • Oct 08, 2018
  • Ireland
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Eimear Bourke

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