What does it take to become a recruitment consultant?

Submitted By Michelle Donohoe - Tue, 02/13/2018 - 18:00

I entered the researcher programme at Morgan McKinley because I had a keen interest in recruitment as a career, however, without previous experience, it is difficult to find the right opportunity. I was promoted to consultant last month and now recruit for supply chain & operations positions across Dublin.

The researcher programme, above all, taught me the process of recruitment (it’s a lot more than simply sending on CVs for jobs) … I then learned how to do it! The training I received was both classroom and desk based and was delivered by directors and managers who have been through it. Good communication skills are essential in recruitment and one of the first things I learned was the importance of listening – to both job seekers and employers. The training covered everything from interviewing skills and negotiating to searching and headhunting senior candidates. Being able to listen and respond accordingly has become a useful skill.

Fundamentally, Morgan McKinley’s training programme helps you to learn and develop the day-to-day responsibilities of being a consultant. Spending the first three months of the programme liaising with job seeking professionals in the industry helped me form a solid base of market knowledge, which proved invaluable when speaking to Supply Chain Managers or Procurement Directors who are looking to add to their teams.

During my training, I have of course observed the current challenges in the employment market. However, business confidence is slowly on the rise. Suitable people can be difficult to find, particularly when a very specific skill set or industry background is required. Within the supply chain market, procurement professionals are constantly in demand as companies seek to cut costs and establish new vendor relationships. However, in other cost-sensitive sectors like logistics and planning, experienced quality professionals are also quite scarce compared to the current demand in the marketplace. In today’s climate, the Irish recruitment market is a constant challenge - but I love a challenge!

Darragh McCarthy