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Unbeatable flexibility!

As I approach my first Mother's Day, it got me thinking about my return to work after having my first child. MMK has allowed me to return to work after maternity leave with unbeatable flexibility.

Returning to work is not easy after having a baby, with a million questions going through your head - is it the right time to go back to work? How am I going to feel leaving my baby with someone else? How am I going to cope with work and a baby? How am I going to be able to do all my work and leave early enough to see my baby before bedtime? Working in a sales role, how am I going to produce the same results with such limited time, after being out of work for many months?

It is certainly a stressful moment for a new mum. There were a few things, however at MMK, that really made a difference for me personally.

I have been at MMK for just over a year and from day one they have been nothing but supportive and understanding. They hired me knowing that I was pregnant and instead of focusing on the time I was going to be away, they focused on the many months I had to bring the best value I could to the business.

I feel very lucky to work with such great people. The Managing Directors, my Director and my team are the most genuine people I have ever met. They not only made sure I had everything I needed to succeed before going on maternity leave, but they also allowed me to come back to work with more flexibility and team support than I have ever had before or seen in any other recruitment agency.

Before joining MMK I had this fear that my recruitment career would end as soon as I had a baby. At MMK they made it easy and stress-free to come back to work, giving me autonomy to choose my own hours in order to balance work and family. They went above and beyond, touching base with me when I was on leave, making sure I still felt part of the team, inviting for internal events like the Christmas party and always making sure that I would only come back when I was truly ready.

When I finally came back to work, MMK was happy to work on my schedule and trusted me to do what I have to do, rather than counting the hours I spend in the office. I came back working only four days a week, starting later and leaving early every day.

I am passionate about what I do and even before my baby was born I knew I would be back to work as soon as I could. What got me even more excited is that I never felt I was being overlooked for a promotion or a new challenge - I came back to a bigger role and a plan to get to the next step in my career.

Coming back to work after having a baby is not easy, but working at a company like MMK that offers flexibility like no other and genuinely cares about their people, makes a huge difference!!

  • May 08, 2019
  • Careers , Australia
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Talita Sousa

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