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A typical day in the life of a Recruitment Consultant

A recruitment consultant is an intermediary between organisations (employers) looking for talent in the market and professionals (candidates) looking for new job opportunities. The goal of a consultant is to meet the needs of both the employer and the candidate to ensure a mutually beneficial fit.

But, what do recruitment consultants actually do every day? Keep reading to find out what our consultant Joanne Wang gets up to on an average workday.

7am - I head to the gym in the early morning before I officially kick off my working day. It helps me wake up, feel refreshed and keeps me fit.

9am - I hit the office and get prepared for my early morning candidate interviews. I typically send 30 minutes on each call.

11.30am - I’m back at the desk to review the news and LinkedIn to keep myself updated on the market. I also check for new openings with our existing, core clients. Then, I will review my top candidate profiles and see if any of my clients might want to discuss their details and potentially meet.

Before lunch, I send out any candidate summaries and CV’s that I have for the roles I am working on. I make that call to get a reference for my recently placed candidate and find out how they plan to backfill their role.

I also call all my active candidates to update them on the progress of their applications, new market information and provide any general career advice that’s needed.

Have a salad ...

Time to get away from the desk now and jump in a taxi to visit my new client and make sure I fully understand their requirements. Must remember to get it all documented on the database.

Back in the office now and I put on my creative hat. It’s time to write a blog post, put together an eye-catching job advert, update my LinkedIn and develop a mailing list.

(Blood sugar low!! ... break out the 4pm snack or knock back a Berocca) - On the phone again, calling all current candidates to share interview feedback and follow up with clients to discuss the interview performance.

Coordinate candidate Interview times and availability for successful 2nd and 3rd round interviews next week all while managing timelines, expectations and sharing information.

Time for the best part of the day! I get to call my candidates to let them know they got their dream jobs. We discuss onboarding details and then I switch into admin mode and record all the administrative details.

Just as I am about to relax, an exciting new role is called in: Time is of the essence so I get straight into a Boolean search on our database and look for good candidates. I also search on LinkedIn and connect, get an ad posted quickly and review any relevant resumes on different job portals.  

Teatime! I grab some food, review what I have done for the day and catch up with my team leader or team members. Sometimes I’ll also turn to my mentor, Marlon Mai, to see if he can give me advice on any challenges I am having.

Before I leave for the day, I send out congratulatory cards to the successful professionals I placed last month.

Home, eat, sleep ... and get up and do it all again tomorrow!

  • Jan 20, 2022
  • Careers , China
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