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Top tips to impress your interviewers and land your dream job

With the new year well underway, you may have started to plan your year goals for 2019. Maybe one of your resolutions is to make that career move? Below are some top tips on how to stand out at every stage of the interview process...

Before the interview 
It is important to understand the details of the role you are applying for, as well as the company’s background and business nature. Read their official website to check out their:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Recent news 

You should be able to learn more about what they can offer you too, particularly development opportunities and the working culture. It’s a great idea to also prepare some questions if you have uncertainties during your research. You can clarify any concerns when you talk to the interviewers. 
During the interview
Follow these 7 top tips to ensure you make the best possible impression:
1. Dress code
The first impression is crucial. It is always recommended to dress up and be formal for all interviews unless otherwise stated. It is a way of showing your respect and sincerity to the interviewers and the company. Try to avoid unnecessary accessories too. 
2. Handshake
A firm handshake shows your confidence in dealing with people. It sounds like a very simple gesture, but it’s the first important step of self-introduction. 
3. Body gesture
Whilst talking to the interviewers, be mindful of your body language. Try not to move around and fidget too much; it’s best to present yourself as a good listener and focused person.
4. Eye contact
Maintaining eye contact goes hand in hand with body gesture. It presents you as being self-confident and engaged with the interviewers. 
5. Tone and interaction
Whilst talking, try to avoid monotone speaking and keep your energy levels up. This helps demonstrate your interest and passion. Also try to be precise and concise, as short and clear answers are more desirable. Be aware of the interviewers character, follow their flow, and react to his/her emotions.

6. Attention and observation
Observing people is crucial to gain an understanding of the interviewers’ impression of you. If their body gesture or eye contact is starting to fade, you may need to change your presentation style and draw back their attention. Why not try changing the volume or tone of your speaking?
7. Consistency
Remember to keep your answers consistent. Sometimes questions are intended to challenge you and see how you will tackle difficulties. Stay calm and be smart! Elaborate more on your experiences and knowledge, and make it logical so that your audience can relate. Most of the time, there is no right or wrong answer during an interview. 
After the interview 
Want to go beyond and make a lasting impression? Digest the information you received and reflect on the interview, and then send a thank-you to the interviewers to show your appreciation for their time meeting you. 

An interview is a critical stage of winning your dream job offer. Thorough preparation and some small actions could help you stand out. 

If you have mastered the skills above and would like to have a career in coaching and consulting people, then a career in recruitment might be right for you! Want more information? You can reach me at


  • Jan 10, 2019
  • Careers , China , Hong Kong , Singapore
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