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Top three tips to retain your new talent

Many employers enjoy recruiting the best talent on the market, but not everyone succeeds in retaining these talents.

Of course, one of the reasons is competitor opportunities, but in many cases they actively look for new roles because of concerns within their current company. It is one thing to find outstanding candidates and to recruit them, and another to keep them in your company.
To retain your talents, try some of the following steps:

1. Motivate them!

If employees lose their purpose or motivation to work, they may feel their role is increasingly tedious. One way to motivate your recruits is through a concrete, clear, and achievable objective. If the goal you give to them is concise, specific and within reach, it would be much easier for them to find out what to do and achieve it. By providing them with a plausible task, they would be better incentivized to finish it, since everyone desires a sense of achievement. 

2. Ensure there is a purpose

Another approach is to make their work more enjoyable and satisfactory. You should deliver the purpose and mission of your company, or individual department, firmly and explicitly to make their work more meaningful. It is also important to set up team-building activities to facilitate intra-team relationships. If possible, you may also give your adventurous talents some opportunities to challenge and prove themselves. 
3. Empower and educate

Empowerment can also help you motivate your recruits. By offering training sessions and education programs, you can ensure employees feel that they have opportunities, and the tools, to develop their skills and their career. It would be even better if you can get them involved in the decision-making process through, for instance, regular updates on managerial decisions, or a channel for them to comment on these decisions. 

Motivating the talents that you have already recruited is one thing, but you should ensure your screening program results in candidates that “fit” your company culture to begin with. During interviews, you can arrange a series of questions about previous teamwork experience and workstyle, and ensure the candidate has similar values as your business. By taking these approaches, you would be more likely to retain top talent in your company. 

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  • Jun 09, 2017
  • Careers
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