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Top reasons for workplace wellbeing

It's common knowledge that good nutrition and well-being is the key to a happier and healthier lifestyle, so why should this be restricted to just our personal lives?

 Here at Morgan McKinley, our purpose is to improve people's lives - not just in their professional life, but their life overall.
Earlier this month, team China held an enjoyable Employee Wellbeing Day, co-hosted by Olive Branch and WeWork.  Everyone in the office attended a talk given by the founder of Olive Branch where information was shared about better understanding nutrition as well as how mental toughness can be trained in a gym workout, and then how it can be transferred into an office environment. 
It was an 8-hour event including a 1-hour gym workout, which encouraged group interaction - support and engagement came from each team member, which kept the group motivated throughout the day. 

Speaking from experience, we have found that implementing well-being measures can give a really positive impact on a business, proving to us that a commitment to employee health really does reap rewards. Here are five top reasons why it pays to look after your most important resource: your staff.

  1. Recruitment and Retention
  2. Employee Engagement
  3. Increased productivity
  4. A positive ROI
  5. Improvement to the Company’s Reputation

The average full-time worker will spend over a third of their week in work, and therefore employers have a responsibility to look after their staff if a business is to become happier and healthier too. We understand that happy, motivated employees work harder for your business.
Ultimately, what is good for the employee, is good for the organization, which is in turn good for the customer!

  • Aug 21, 2017
  • China
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