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Top 5 reasons people stay in unhappy jobs

With summertime now in full swing across Ireland (cue the hosepipe ban!), many blogs I’ve read have been focusing on living life to the full and overcoming fears.

One blog in particular that stood out for me, spoke about overcoming the fear of being seen in a swimsuit - quite rightly, saying life is for living and not sitting on the sidelines. Everyone experiences the fear factor at some point; for her it was swimwear in public, for others it might be changing jobs.

Throughout my time as a recruiter, I have met many different people from various backgrounds, and I would say the top 5 reasons mentioned for staying in unhappy jobs are:

  1. Fear of the unknown
  2. Not knowing your worth
  3. Unsure of the opportunities available
  4. Unaware of career change possibilities - many skills are transferable
  5. The golden handcuffs – fear of losing pension, shares, bonus etc.

The good news is all of these reasons can be addressed, dealt with and overcome. Some of our most successful new joiners internally have been people with no recruitment experience at all who are making a complete career change. All you need is the right attitude to succeed. 

If you are new to recruitment we will guide you through the unknown with our excellent (and award winning) training programme. We value our people and offer excellent earning potential, flexibility and work life balance. And because of our global reach, the opportunities we can offer are vast; maybe this is the time to move home to Cork from Dublin, or hit the bright lights of London/Tokyo/Sydney. The possibilities are endless!

Whichever it might be, let us know. Maybe now is the time to step out of that comfort zone, overcome the fear factor, and start living.

  • Jul 23, 2018
  • Ireland
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Jane Hassett

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