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Success Series Webinar | Managing Up : How to have an effective relationship with your boss - Part 2

We are delighted to welcome back ‘Master Life Coach’ Talane Miedaner, who will be hosting our success series webinar ‘Managing Up: How to Have an Effective Relationship with Your Boss, Part 2’ on Thursday 6 November.

Are you experiencing difficulties with your manager? Do you feel strained, neglected, or unappreciated at work? You have more influence over your boss than you may believe. Talane will explain how to manage these circumstances and gain the appreciation you desire while enhancing the communication between you and your manager.

In part one of this two part series, Talane covered the following topics:

  • Speak and be heard with simple communication tips that will help you get the respect you deserve
  • How to showcase and be known for your unique talents and skills without bragging or boasting
  • How to say “No” to more work while still coming across as an enthusiastic team player

If you missed part one of this webinar series, you can view the webinar recording here

In part two, Talane will be covering:

  • Installing Healthy Boundaries
  • Teamwork
  • Personal Balance
  • Initiative
  • Career Path

You'll learn practical steps on how to take charge of your relationships at work, both with your managers and colleagues, so that you can do your best work. Please review and bring the checklist questions that were covered in part one of the webinar series.

This free webinar will take place on Thursday 6 November 2014 at 8pm AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time). 

  • Oct 20, 2014
  • Careers
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